Gothic 2 Mod: You can now experience Gothic 2 anew through Randomizer

Gothic 2 Mod: You can now experience Gothic 2 anew through Randomizer

A new mod lets you experience Gothic 2 anew thanks to the random factor

The Gothic 2 Ultimate Randomizer is a newly released modification for Piranha Bytes role-playing game Gothic 2. With the mod, so much chance comes into play that it almost creates a different gaming experience. Because now it depends on your luck whether you can even play through the role-playing game.

What kind of mod is that? Maybe you already know Gothic 2 inside and out. After all, the role-playing game has been around for almost 20 years. However, the Gothic 2 Ultimate Randomizer allows you to experience the game in a way you haven’t seen before. Because a lot is randomly distributed and generated.

The random factor even goes so far that it is not at all sure whether you can play Gothic 2 through. At least you need a lot of luck to find all items, enemies and so on.

What exactly is now left to chance? Do you know exactly where which item is and what is hidden in which chest? Not with the mod anymore. Among other things, these things are randomly distributed:

  • NPC-Invent
  • Items
  • Chests
  • opponent
  • Loot
  • Pickpocketing
  • Handover of items
  • Guilds
  • AI and much more

Gothic 2 is still so popular that even almost 20 years after its release, fans are still creating mods for it.

Who is this mod intended for? The modification is aimed primarily at all fans of Gothic 2, but especially at those who know their way around the world really well. Because they have to throw all their knowledge overboard and can relive the role play.

For example, it starts at the beginning. The key to the chest in Xarda’s tower was on the table, wasn’t it? But there is something else there now. So you have to go looking for the key to open the box.

How do you install the mod? You can download the approximately 1.23 MB file from World of Gothic. Then just do it. Of course Gothic 2 has to be installed beforehand. Then start the role-playing game and you will quickly notice that a lot has changed.

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