Official confirmation arrives

Gotham Knights will be released for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S on October 21, but the trophy list that are linked to the completion of the adventure has already been revealed. One piece of news that might please collectors of trophies and / or objectives is the fact that in order to reach platinum or 100% there will be no need to complete the adventure at maximum difficulty or to complete it in cooperative mode as many have wondered in recent months.

Gotham Knights will have platinum and 100% accessible

For a game the size of Gotham Knights the fact of not including a trophy / objective linked to the completion of the game at maximum difficulty or others concerning the online part is certainly an important news and that could result in a considerable time saving for the players.

Here we will not spoil you of any kind, the trophies / objectives will require you to complete the classic tasks present a little in all games, such as completing missions, performing specific actions, completing secondary challenges, defeating certain enemies a certain number of times, unlocking different skills and so on. In short, provided that the road to unlock each trophy / objective is not so torturous, quite the contrary.

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