GoldenEye 007: James Bond could be back very soon

GoldenEye 007: James Bond could be back very soon

A mythical game among legendary games, GoldenEye 007 has probably not yet said its last word: a famous journalist puts forward a rather crisp hypothesis, that a return will be formalized very soon.

James Bond, the not secret secret agent

A quick reminder of the facts: GoldenEye 007, a cult game from a console that is just as cult, namely the Nintendo 64, is obviously preparing for its return.

Not necessarily in a new game, no, but rather in the form of a port or a remaster, something that remains to be clarified: last November, we thus learned that Germany lifted the ban on distributing the famous FPS (it had actually been banned there since 1997!), presaging a potential re-release.

Then, just last January, it was a whole list of successes (the equivalent of trophies at Xbox) which was revealed by mistake on a site being dedicated to them.

Even more convincing: the only two people in the world who unlocked these small virtual rewards were none other than developers from Rare, the iconic studio behind the game. In short, James Bond should make a comeback one day or the other.

An officialization in the near future?

This estimate comes directly from Jeff Grubb, a journalist at VentureBeat and certainly one of the most reliable insiders of the moment, (with a certain Jason Schreier, some will say). The man behind a huge number of scoops – later proven, let’s be clear – has just added his stone to the building in the GoldenEye 007 case.

I think Microsoft will be the first to announce it (GoldenEye 007, editor’s note). I think this game will probably arrive very soon, in my opinion within the next few weeks.

The man is not at his first prediction, his words are then taken seriously by many Internet users. If he is telling the truth, all that remains is to guess the shape of this GoldenEye 007: will it be a simple smoothing, a remaster or.. a remake?

Note that a re-imagining had already emerged in 2011 on PS3 and Xbox 360, called GoldenEye 007 Reloaded.

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