The German Computer Game Award will be presented again in 2021 – as a purely online event on April 13th. There were a total of 351 submissions, from which the jury selected the nominees for the respective categories. The The total prize money is 790,000 euros, you can find the individual endowments in the list below.

A little game is already a big surprise: The colorful village romance building game has been nominated three times. Editor-in-chief Micha has already tested it in Early Access and explains why it even lured him away from Crusader Kings 3. And he also dedicated a little poem to the game:

Village romance won’t let you go

  • When and where can I watch the DCP stream? The event starts on April 13, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. The live stream is broadcast on the official website.
  • Who will moderate the award? Barbara Schöneberger and Uke Bosse will be moderating this year. The prizes will be presented by various laudators – including Piet and Brammen from PietSmiet and comedian Kaya Yanar.

These are all the nominees for the DCP 2021

Best German game (endowed with 100,000 euros for the winning game and 30,000 euros each for the two other nominees)

Best family game (endowed with 80,000 euros for the winning game and

20,000 euros each for the two other nominees)

Young Talent Awards – Best Debut (endowed with 60,000 euros for the winning game and

20,000 euros each for the two other nominees)

  • Dorfromantik (Toukana Interactive)
  • Penko Park (Ghostbutter)
  • Scribble It! (Detach Entertainment)

Young Talent Awards – Best Prototype (endowed with 50,000 euros for the best prototype and 25,000 euros each for four other nominees)

  • Ampere (Laura Brosi, Mathieu Hentschel, Christopher Meier, Dave von Felten)
  • Get Together (Alyssa Cooper, Heinrich Hammann, Mathilde Hoffmann, Maike Koller, Moritz Reinert, Nicolai Scham, Simon Sturm)
  • Mukana – Battle of Asgard (Andreas Bechert, Felix Graf, Stefan Gruber, Tim Hoffmann, Alexander Keussen)
  • Passing By (Hannah Kümmel, Jan Milosch, Marius Mühleck, Ilona Treml)
  • The Social Engineer (Fabian Fischbach, Daniel Hirschle, Pascal Jansen)

Best innovation and technology (endowed with 35,000 euros)

  • Holoride (Holoride)
  • Indie Arena Booth Online 2020 (Super Crowd Entertainment)

Best game world and aesthetics (endowed with 35,000 euros)

  • Cloudpunk (ION Lands)
  • Desperados III (Mimimi Games / THQ Nordic)
  • Penko Park (Ghostbutter)

Best game design (endowed with 35,000 euros)

  • Dorfromantik (Toukana Interactive)
  • Iron Harvest (King Art / Koch Media)
  • Resolutiion (Monolith of Minds / Deck13 Interactive)

Bestes Serious Game (endowed with 35,000 euros)

  • FwESI tactics for group leaders (Cininet)
  • Hidden Codes (Playing History / Bildungsstätte Anne Frank)
  • Worlds of Materials (Cologne Game Lab of the TH Köln)

Best mobile game (endowed with 35,000 euros)

  • About Love, Hate And The Other Ones 2 (Black Pants)
  • Epic Guardian (Quantumfrog / Sheepyard)
  • Polarized! (Marcel-André Casasola Merkle / TheCodingMonkeys)

Best expert game (endowed with 35,000 euros)

  • Desperados III (Mimimi Games / THQ Nordic)
  • Port Royale 4 (Gaming Minds Studios / Kalypso Media)
  • Suzerain (Torpor Games / Fellow Traveller)

Best international game (undoped)

Best international multiplayer game (undoped)

Player of the year (undoped)

  • Gnu (Jasmin)
  • Nina Kiel
  • WheelyWorld (Dennis Winkens)

Studio of the year (endowed with 40,000 euros)

  • King Art (Bremen)
  • Mimimi Games (München)
  • Ubisoft Düsseldorf

Special prize of the jury (endowed with 10,000 euros)

Potential winners in this category will be announced on April 13, 2021.

Disclaimer: GameStar is the official media partner of the DCP. Rae Grimm, editor-in-chief of our sister website, also belongs to the expert jury for the German Computer Game Award. The event agency Flimmer, which, like GamePro and GameStar, belongs to the Webedia Group, is responsible for organizing the gala.

By the way, you can vote for one of the DCP’s categories: You can vote for Player of the Year on the official website, the end of the voting is on April 8th.

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