Genshin Impact, where to find Amakumo fruits?

Genshin Impact, where to find Amakumo fruits?

Version 2.1 brings with it a lot of new features, including a new type of fruit to collect. Let’s see where to find Amakumo fruits.

This new fruit will allow you in particular to be able to raise the level of Shogun Raiden and thus make it stronger, but will also be useful for other characters and quests afterwards. Let’s see the places where you can pick up the Amakumo Fruits.

Amakuno fruits

You won’t be able to find them anywhere in Inazuma: Amakumo Fruits grow only on Seirai Island, which is the westernmost island, constantly hit by the storm. You will find more than a hundred of them, which will regrow every 48 hours, like other materials.

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