HoYoVerseGenshin Impact developer fired the character’s voice actor Tighnari. The studio alleged this was due to a breach of contract, but if you dig a little deeper, there are significant allegations of sexual harassment and abuse targeting the voice actor.

Just a day before the allegations came to light, voice actor Elliot Gindi said he was “taking a break”. After the allegations came to light, Gindi acknowledged and admitted some of them in a lengthy apology.

Genshin Impact English Voice Director, Chris FaiellaHe said in response to the allegations against Gindi: “I appreciate everyone bringing Elliot’s situation to my attention. To say that I am angry, disappointed and heartbroken about all of this would be an understatement. My heart goes out. to everyone who has been the victim of this unacceptable and inappropriate behavior. Personally, I want to stand up for those who have come forward and brought this to light.”

HoYoVerse is currently working on replacing the in-game voice lines for Tighnari and will provide an update on the situation shortly.

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