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Genshin Impact Symphony of the Hypostasts: This is how you master the event

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In the Genshin-Impact-Event Symphony of the Hypostases you take on oversized cubes. In the Genshin-Impact-Event Symphony of the Hypostases you take on oversized cubes.

An often highlighted strength of Genshin Impact are the demanding boss fights, in which only the right tactics lead to the goal. However, due to the game’s energy system, you can rarely tackle these fights.

Even before the big update to version 1.3, there is now the new event “Symphony of the Hypostases”, which provides a remedy precisely on this point.

The key data for the symphony of the hypostases

  • Duration of the event: January 16, 2021 to January 31, 2021
  • Eligibility requirements: Adventure level 20
  • Number of players: 1 – 4
  • Phases: Every day a new one of a total of seven fights is unlocked. You can choose between all unlocked battles at any time.

What is the symphony of hypostasis about?

The event, which can be called up via the action menu, lets you fight the hypostases that are already appearing in the open world either alone or together with friends in an arena. For this you get rewards such as Primeval Rock, Mora, experience point roles and promotion material.

Individual level of difficulty: The specialty is that you can customize the fight with a number of modifiers before starting. First you choose one of four different levels of difficulty. They also represent a point multiplier.

Next you can still use mutators and, for example, give the hypostasis more life points or increase its resistances. So you can tackle it without any problems even if you don’t have any highly leveled characters.

Much of the activities such as world bosses require original resin. This regenerates slowly and passively and can otherwise only be topped up with real money or very rare items. The “Symphony of the Hypostasis” event is an exception and does not require any primordial resin in order to be able to play it.

How do you defeat the hypostasis?

Each of the three different hypostases has a different element. Based on this, she uses other attacks in combat and is only vulnerable at certain times.

In addition, the hypostases have one thing in common: shortly before their life energy drops to zero, they try to heal themselves. You have to prevent that. The hypostases in the event also have some special features.

  • Electro-Hypostase: Reveals her vulnerable core after each of her normal attacks. She also has some long-lasting special attacks. During this time it is often harder to get to the core. Shortly before they die, you also have to destroy some electrical nuclei before the hypostasis can recover.
  • Anemo-Hypostase: Also becomes vulnerable after her attacks. Just before the end of the fight, some air columns and anemo symbols appear. You have to collect all symbols within a limited time to prevent the regeneration of the hypostasis.
  • Geo-Hypostase: Always withdraws on stone pillars. Becomes vulnerable once you have destroyed the pillar on which the hypostasis stayed. However, you have to be careful: the enemy can make an area appear around the pillars that causes a lot of damage. Before it dies, it creates three of the pillars again, which you must destroy before it heals.

Event with the right focus

From our point of view, the event focuses entirely on the strengths of the game. This includes the brisk combat system with its elemental reactions and exciting boss fights, in which you have to pay attention to the right tactics. We have already highlighted both positively in our test of the game.

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One of the biggest weaknesses is eliminated: The fact that many activities in the game require primeval resin often slows down the fun of the game. Exactly this point of criticism does not apply to the current event.

The original resin, which is otherwise often requested, is also very often criticized in the Genshin Impact community. We also find that the game suffers from five major issues that it needs to get out of the way.

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Finally, there is good news for fans of such events: Titles like Genshin Impact often repeat their actions with a certain regularity. For example, the “Wonderful Wonderful Goods” event will start again here soon.


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