Genshin Impact, Side quest Guide:

Genshin Impact, Side quest Guide: “A house above the ocean”

There are several quests, sometimes a bit hidden, in the lands of Inazuma. This is one of them, but you’ll find it somewhere else.

It should be noted that doing the side quests is interesting, both for the rewards, but also for the reputation that it will bring you towards Inazuma.

Let’s take a look at where to find this quest and how to complete it. It is very short so it can be done in a matter of minutes. Note that to be able to access it, you will have to advance in the story until you escape from Ritou (the first quests of Inazuma, therefore).

A house above the ocean

Teleport to Port de Liyue and go to the location shown in the screenshots. You will then find there Atsuko who will offer you a quest. She will ask you to bring a letter to her parents, who are at the entrance to the city. d’Inazuma.

Talk to them to advance the quest. They will then offer you to come back to see them the same evening between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.. Go back and talk to them from 6 p.m.

After a discussion, and some strange behavior on the part of d’Atsuko, his parents will then ask you to come back and see them the next day. Turn the clock round to move on to the next day, and talk to them again.

Their daughter has disappeared, which is strange. However, you will get your reward back, i.e. You have to and Lessons from the hero.

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