An old event is back on Genshin Impact, with some changes. Let’s see how to complete it.

The release of Gorou and Itto aren’t the only new features on Genshin Impact at the moment. Indeed, a new event will be available from Saturday December 17th. This will require you to be at adventure level 20 or higher in order to participate.

We will meet again on Saturday for more information on the event which will then have started.


  • Lost City: Domain of Light
    • What does the event consist of?
    • The rewards

Lost City: Domain of Light

What does the event consist of?

7 events will take place during this event, with different themes.

During these trials, your goal will be to activate the 3 deactivated ancient runes within the allotted time, in order to obtain their power and access the rest.

Note that you can only use the characters available for trial during each trial. For example, you see above that the usable characters are different depending on the event. Very important also, your team cannot generate effects using Elemental Resonance, and if you already have one of the available characters, it will benefit from your current constellations.

Each event will present its own energy anomalies, as well as different enemies.

However, to help you, blessing mechanisms will be present during the events. These will bring you bonuses that will help you.

The rewards

In terms of rewards, you will have as usual Primo-gems, but also something to improve your characters.

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