Genshin Impact: 'Island Treatment' Side Quest, Our guide

Genshin Impact: ‘Island Treatment’ Side Quest, Our guide

There are many side quests in the lands of Inazuma. Here’s how to find and complete the Island Treatment quest.

This quest can be found without any prerequisites. It is not very long and will pay you back 30 prime-gems as well as 3 Lessons from the hero. She will also ask you to have 12 Weeping Herbs on you. This quest will also allow you to build your reputation with Inazuma.

Island treatment

Go to the location shown in the screenshot above to find it Yasumoto. Speak with him, and after a misunderstanding, he will ask you to bring him 12 Weeds.

You will then have to wait until 6 p.m. the next day to speak to him again. Pass the time with the clock on your menu and chat with it.

You will then have to fight 3 waves of enemies. When finished, talk to Yasumoto to complete the quest.

Remember to collect your 20 reputation points from the representative of Inazuma in Domaine Kasimoto.

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