Genshin Impact, guide to the Quest for the Solitary Sea-Beast

Genshin Impact, guide to the Quest for the Solitary Sea-Beast

Genshin Impact version 2.1 brings its share of new quests. Let’s see together how to find and complete one of them, the Solitary Sea-Beast.

The Solitary Sea-Beast is therefore one of the new quests of Genshin Impact patch 2.1. It does not require any prerequisites, apart from being able to go to Inazuma. You will get acquainted with Ten, but also of his late friend. The quest will earn you 40 prime-gems and a success when completed.

The Solitary Sea-Beast

Teleport to the Statue of the Seven from Watatsumi island, then go northwest to the beach. You will then see a woman, with a carcass near her. Talk to him. Her name is Ten, and will explain to you that this carcass next to her was, her best friend. She will then ask you to bring her 3 Cherry blossoms.

You can find 3 at the entrance of the Inazuma City for example, and you can pick them up with a Electro elemental reaction.

She will then ask you to go help one of her friends. You will find it a little to the north, still on the beach. Eliminate them Brutocollinus threatening her, then talk to her

You will then have to solve the riddle of the Watatsumi Statue. To start, go behind the house surrounded by a Electro barrier right next to you, on the left side. You will then see a Electrogranum, which will allow you to enter and deactivate the barrier.

Then turn on the 3 elemental altars next to you. One is near the water, the other near the stairs, and the last is below it. This will have the effect of making them disappear and giving you access to the statue allowing you to pay homage.

Climb on the square to reveal a path. The goal of it is to follow it without ever walking anywhere other than on the slabs.

Following him and arriving near the statue, present your tributes to make an additional box appear on your left, and make another one disappear, which will allow you to pass.

Arriving near the statue on the other side following the slabs, reactivate it to reappear the slab, and thus complete the path, taking care that the illuminated slab is the last on which you walk. Once completed, a chest will then appear. Talk to Anissa and Ten to complete the quest.

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