Genshin Impact 1.3 Lantern Festival: Complete, Step-by-Step, Seasonal Event Guide

Genshin Impact 1.3 Lantern Festival: Complete, Step-by-Step, Seasonal Event Guide

We had heard about this event for Genshin Impact linked to the Chinese New Year several months ago, but it is finally coming, a few weeks after its official presentation during a developer stream, and to celebrate the release. 1.3 of the game.

The Lantern Festival has just debuted on Genshin Impact and it is the main event of this version 1.3 which arrives just on time for the Spring Festival, or Lunar New Year. We will see together the different stages, the rewards to be collected there, and give you tips in order to best succeed in the trials included in this event, always as part of our Genshin Impact guide.

Complete the quest to access the Genshin Lantern Festival Impact 1.3 event

By logging into Genshin Impact in version 1.3, a quest named A strange stealer of stars will normally appear in your quest log. She will ask you to go south of Auberge Wangshu. On site, Brutocollinus a little strange will be waiting for you, and you will have no other choice but to kill them. Then talk to Celeste stealer, then to faithful, before talking to your first caller again, who will then send you to the Wanwen Bookstore, at Port de Liyue.

Talk to the owner of the bookstore, then go get the book on the table to your left. After a cutscene, return to the location where you saw the Brutocollinus a little strange. After a fight, you will have to hunt down others with your Basic view. You will then meet Xiao where indicated. You are going to play it by entering the dungeon next door. The latter is not complicated, you just lose life points when you are not in combat, so you have to hurry.

Once the dungeon is completed, then go to the location indicated by the quest. You will have to recover the censer, then collect the 7 lamps scattered around. before you say goodbye to the man … well what you thought was a man. Go back to see Xiao to perform the ritual. This will bring up the Celestial stealer, which you will have to fight. Once the fight is over, return to Auberge Wangshu to question Worse Goldet. You will get the Talisman that you will have to return to Xiao to complete the quest.

The origin of lanterns

To access the quest, go to the event menu, and press Lights on the horizon to see the screen with Xiao, and press the button corresponding to Consult the quest ” ‘, it will then appear in your quest log.

Talk to Worse Goldet then teleport to Port de Liyue to reach the location marked on your map. After a discussion, go talk to the characters shown on your map. After a second discussion with Wangya, you will get the Sky lantern. Then talk to Jingming which will teach you how to synthesize one. Go back to see Wangya to complete the quest.

Festival anecdotes

By choosing Festival anecdotes in the event screen, you will then unlock a quest, Episodes urbains. Talk to Wangya, which will show you 3 locations to deliver gifts. At the location of the last one, however, you will have to go a little north and pick up a lantern from the tree. Go back to see Wangya to complete the quest.

You will then have mini quests in the form of anecdotes to do every day, to unlock rewards, and especially Festive fever, this will allow you to access new things throughout the festival period.

Mechanical theater

Press on Mechanical theater on the event menu to unlock a quest. This will ask you to go see Ruijin, which will allow you to play the event game, the Mechanical theater. This game will allow you to earn Peace talismans which you can redeem in the event store.

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