Gaming channel is accused of mentally and physically overloading its employees

Gaming channel is accused of mentally and physically overloading its employees

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The popular YouTube channel GameXplain, which focuses on Nintendo games, has been accused of abusive work practices by former employees Steve Bowling, Ash Paulsen and Derrick Bitner. The trio formed a new channel called Good Vibes Gaming after leaving GameXplain at the end of 2020.

On the January 2nd episode of their Today’s News Tonight podcast, Bowling said he was pressured and poorly paid to play through Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Square Enix sent the review code 48 hours before the review embargo was lifted.

Worked continuously for two days

“I don’t think I ever suffered more for making a video than for this game,” he said. As his wife watched him struggle through two days of non-stop gaming, she encouraged him to leave GameXplain as soon as possible.

Despite allegations of late payments, overworked employees and the creation of a mentally and physically stressful work environment, owner André Segers claims that he is absolutely committed to promoting a positive work environment and fair wages to employees.


Bowling, Paulsen and Bitner, however, stand by their statements. Bowling reportedly made $ 550 a month regardless of the hours he worked. His wife claims he made $ 1 to $ 2 an hour while working on the Final Fantasy 7 remake video.

Meanwhile, he says that many of the issues that Bowling, Paulsen and Bitner raised have been resolved and employees are now being paid better, with clearer expectations and timelines for both contractors and full-time employees.

Segers admitted spending an unnecessary amount of time on the payout and admitted that overtime was being worked to complete the review while the review embargo was not lifted. His statements were corroborated by a new collaborator named Joey Farris, who said he was told not to overexert himself while he was working overtime to complete an Assassin’s Creed Valhalla review.

In the lower section you can see the conversation between the three former employees again:

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