Gameplay Cyber Shadow : Boss Spiderail –

Gameplay Cyber Shadow : Boss Spiderail

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Gameplay Cyber Shadow : Boss Spiderail

Cyber ​​Shadow is a nice homage to Ninja Gaiden and late 80s action / platform games in general. In addition to being well mastered (although classic) in terms of gameplay, it takes us to a frantic pace, between the passages of very complicated platforms and the presence of many bosses. Spiderail is just one of them.

Taking a lift in an action game is never easy. Where we mere mortals only have to do with a few awkward glances against the backdrop of tasteless music, a ninja like Shadow meets a giant mechanical spider with flamethrowers. What do you want, we don’t all have the same life …

Cyber ​​Shadow releases January 26 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac.

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