FIFA 22 publishes the Team of the Week 14 in Ultimate Team. The new TOTW stands out for the incorporation of Lewandowski and Gerard Moreno. Now available.

FIFA 22 has shared Team of the Week number 1 4 . The well-known TOTW selects the best footballers of the last day in the licensed leagues in the game. Players are now available as part of a limited-time pack opening or via the transfer market.

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FIFA 22: the highlights of TOTW 14

This week’s selection stands out in our country for the presence of Gerard Moreno and Rakitic . The Villarreal scorer extends his rating to 87 points on average, while the Sevilla midfielder does it to 84. The most valued player by far is Lewandowski. The Pole continues his love affair with the goal and EA Sports knows that very well. You can get a letter from the forward with an average of 93 points.

Upamecano, Mahrez, De Bruyne and Sommer are the rest of the players with the highest valuation of the team. We leave you with the complete list below.

TOTW 14 from FIFA 22, complete list


  • PT: Summer, 87, Borussia Mochengladbach
  • CT: Upamecano, 86, Bayern Munich
  • CT: Acerbi, 85, Latium
  • LD: Cuadrado, 85, Piemonte Calcio
  • MCO: De Bruyne, 92, Manchester City
  • MD: Mahrez, 87, Manchester City
  • MC: Rakitic, 84, Sevilla FC
  • LM: Martinelli, 84, Arsenal
  • DC: Lewandowski, 93, Bayern Munich
  • ST: Gerard Moreno, 87, Villarreal
  • ST: Lautaro Martínez, 86, Inter Milan

Substitutes and reservations

  • PT: Ledesma, 81
  • CT: Saiss, 82
  • CAD: Widmer, 81
  • ED: Rafa, 84
  • SD: Deulofeu, 82
  • SD: Zaniolo, 82
  • ST: Jorge Molina, 81
  • MD: Vertessen, 77
  • MCO: Done, 75
  • MCO: Tankulic, 74
  • DC: Siebatcheu, 79
  • DC: Nicholson, 78

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