Fortnite: Flash is coming at Full Speed

Fortnite: Flash is coming at Full Speed

Yesterday, Epic Games presented us with the various events that surrounded Valentine’s Day in Fortnite. Today, the studio confirms that Flash, the hero of DC comics, will arrive very soon in the title.

Players will have two ways to unlock Flash related items in Fortnite. The first is to participate in the Flash Cup, which will start tomorrow and which once again invites players to form duets. The principle is the same as for the Wild Hearts Cup, namely that play ten games in three hours, and that the best teams in each region will unlock an outfit and a back accessory.

If you do not wish to participate, there will have to wait until February 14, when the item set will be available in the store. In detail, the pack contains:

  • The Flash outfit
  • The Quick Force Tailors Pickaxe
  • The Force Véloce back accessory
  • On-the-go emote

Brent Dubin
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