On March 2, Epic Games shut down the Fortnite servers to install the 15.50 update. The maintenance work has now been completed, but what changes did the patch bring? Epic Games has released the patch notes for the Fortnite update.

Accordingly, the team packed the SMG with Rapid Fire out of the vault and also both the Jelly and Rift fish for a comeback in Fortnite helped. You can also look forward to your grenade launcher with egg projectiles, which is available in the levels “rare”, “epic” and “legendary”.

In addition, you can now observe some changes in the zero point in the game. What exactly this is all about will probably only show in the next few weeks. But it looks like he’s about to explode.

There are also a number of bug fixes and some changes in Fortnite’s creative mode, such as large islands and localized creative centers. You can find the latter in the form of detailed patch notes on the official website. Here is the list of fixes at a glance:


  • Split Screen “Ready Up!” issue.

Battle Royale

  • Snowy Floppers do not grant Shield or Icy Feet. Cars not always dealing damage on impact. Total Bars appearing as “0” when loading into a match with high latency.

Save the World Issues

  • Escalation Modifier Damage Buff does not buff Hero Skills or Gadgets.

Mobile Issues

  • Cannot start or switch to Creative Mode.

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