As summer vacation begins to tip its nose for many people, Epic Games have decided to launch their traditional list of summer challenges. We invite you to follow the evolution of this one day by day.

The principle is simple and known if you have ever participated in this kind of temporary challenges since playing Fortnite.

Every 3 days, a new wave of challenges is launched. By completing each of these challenges, you will gain experience and a cosmetic item.

In addition, when you complete two challenges, you will have a loading screen, when you complete 6, a weapon skin, and when you complete 12, an emote.

  • Deal 1000 damage in Trio AoE War mode

This first challenge is quite simple, the only thing is that it must be done in a very specific game mode that is not yet on the main page of the game at the time of this writing. But don’t panic, here is the code to enter to access it in creative mode: 6221-6630-0608.

  • Take 10 Headshots in Trio Zone War mode

For this second challenge, you will have to go back to the Zone War Trio game mode and you will have to show that you are quite good when it comes to aiming.Indeed, you will have to do no less than 10 headshot to validate this challenge.

  • Apply 500 HP or Shield in Trio AoE War mode

Fatally in Zone War games, you will fight a lot and therefore lose life and shield. But don’t panic, you will be able to regain some, which will at the same time make you progress in this challenge.

  • Get 50 assists on teammates in Trio Zone War mode

Finally, for this last challenge of the first day, you will have to go to Zone Warfare again in a trio, but this time, you will have to be the model teammate, because you will have to help your allies to do at least 50 kills!

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