That’s it, here we are, the last week of this season, the final straight to complete his battle pass before it’s too late. To help you, a new set of challenges has just appeared on Fornite!

Experience the challenges of week 12

Each week, 8 challenges are offered to you in Fortnite and which will allow you to fill up on experience since you can gain up to 55,000 experience by completing them all. A quick and easy way to move forward.

For this first challenge of the last week, we will ask you to return to what is at the very origin of this season 6, the zero point. It’s hard to miss him knowing that he proudly sits in The Spire’s grand tower since the start of the season.

With this season 6, the craft has undergone many modifications making it even more present in our games and offering it a lot of small novelties; Well, here you are asked to use them to make you pistols.

  • Defeat an Arrow Guardian

Again, it is now something known to all players, at each end of the orange forest will find a guardian that you can face. Well, this challenge requires you to go to one of its ends to beat a guard there.

One of the main novelties of this season 6 is the addition of animals and among these we find two predators, wolves and raptors. In this challenge, you will be asked to overcome it. To help you out, take a look at our guide to the location of wolves and the one to the location of raptors.

When we talk about taming a boar, it is generally towards Colossal Crops that we will refer you. but it is possible to do it in other places, which we are asking you here. To find them, we advise you to go to our guide.

  • High with chickens at Colossal Crops

The easiest solution to this challenge is to land directly at Colossal Crops where there are chickens. Find and glide with it to complete this challenge. You can also find it outside and go there to complete this challenge.

This challenge asks you to explore two rather intriguing places on the map where ancient civilizations seem to have lived. The goal will be to find artifacts there and to help you in your quest, we have indicated all the locations in our guide.

Finally, for this last challenge of the season, you will be asked to spend ingots. To obtain and ultimately spend them, you will have to go to NPCs on the map to do the quests and buy them in-game bonuses.

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