One of the big novelties of season 6 of Fortnite is the appearance of animals. There are several types that can be found in different locations and have different uses. We invite you to take stock in this article!

Wild boars

Wild boars are passive creatures as long as you don’t get too close and they’ll run away as soon as you shoot them. They still have some HP, but a few shots are enough to overcome them. These are animals that you will be looking for, because they give several interesting elements.

The first is meat that can be used to regenerate part of your health.. The second item dropped by wild boars are animal bones, essential for crafting a lot of weapons! As for finding them, an interesting place is the Colossal Crops enclosure where 3 are basic and where they subsequently respawn one by one.

The chickens

Chickens are interesting because they have many uses. The first thing to know is that by approaching them squatting you will be able to train them and use them as a glider as we saw in this season’s trailer.

As for where you will be able to find them, it’s all over the new central area, but there is a spawn of two chickens at Farmer’s Armored Estate, at wheat fields. Again, they respawn after a while.


The frogs are found quite logically at the level of the water bodies of the map. It is not possible to tame them and they run away as soon as you get too close. If you manage to hit them, you will kill them and get a stinky pocket, useful for crafting.


Finally, the animal debris to have appeared during this Fortnite season are wolves and you might as well tell you that they will be favored by players since it is possible to tame them by placing meat on them and approaching them gently while crouching.

Once that’s done, the wolves follow you around and attack the players you fight with, a good way to get a damage boost. The good news is that there is still an area where they spawn each game. It is located southeast of Weeping Woods.

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