It seems that at the start of season 6, Epic Games wanted to develop its history a little on Fortnite. For this, a new series of challenges has just appeared and will have the right to follow in two weeks, the quests of La Flèche.

Fill up on experience

Besides the fact that these quests allow you to know in more detail the lore of this season of Fortnite, they will also allow you to fill up on experiences. Indeed, by doing all seven, you pocket 60,000 experience points!

The first quest will ask you to find one of this season’s Battle Pass skins that became an NPC on the Fortnite map. If you don’t know where Tarana is, you can always take a look at our guide on the subject.

  • Complete 5 atypical or rarer quests

For this second challenge of this quest, there will be nothing very complicated. You just have to do the different quests that are offered to you on Fortnite. until you have done 5 to be able to unlock the rest of this adventure with a new challenge.

This new challenge he asks you to find relics for Tarana. These relics aren’t that hard to find if you know where to look for them., but if not, we advise you to take an interest in our guide to this challenge.

The next objective is not very complicated knowing that it is the same as the first one on the list. If you ever don’t remember where Tarana is, you can always take a look at the first challenge to jog your memory.

Ensuite, you will need to find a new NPC called the thief. However, there is no skin on your battle pass with this name! We help you to see it more clearly and to find it on the map in our guide which is dedicated to this challenge.

Once you’ve found the thief, this one asks you to find an audio log and to return to see Raz. To easily find this audio log, we advise you to take a look at our article on the subject which shows you its location.

  • Obtain a Cult Talisman from a Guardian for Raz to complete the disguise

For the rest of Raz’s plan, you will have to beat a guardian to obtain a cult talisman. As a reminder, the guardians are the bosses who are each located at a branch of the orange forest. By knocking them down, you can even get new boots.

You are on the right track and you are almost done completing the challenges asked of you by Raz. One of the last points consists in finding a relic of the sect which is in La Flèche. For this, we have prepared an article for you.

For this last challenge, you will first have to disguise yourself with the costume prepared by Raz before going to destroy the crystals. To know the location of the disguise, but also the crystals, we have put together a guide to help you.

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