One of the great novelties of this season is the forest in the western part of the map and especially the large tree that sits in the middle of it. But in addition to changing the map, this area, it also introduces a new mechanic, that of reality shrubs. The first question we can ask ourselves is how to have a reality tree in Fortnite, which will then not only be very useful, but which will follow you throughout your life. your parts. Well, for that you have to go to this famous forest.

To be, you will see in several places species of large purple bulbs. Tap them until they are destroyed and once they explode they will release seeds which will slowly fall to the ground. Take hold of these seeds and simply toss one where you desire. You will simply see a small shrub of reality begin to grow. Do you want to move it in this part or even the following ones? Carefree, you just need to throw a seed to another place for your shrub to teleport there.

What’s the point ?

Well, it’s nice to have a small reality shrub, but in itself, what’s the point? Well, it’s a mechanism that is very important because it will allow you to stock up on items and weapons. In effect, at the foot of your reality shrub you have weeds.

By dint of removing them, you will have the right to fruits that are more and more interesting. However, in these fruits, when you pick them, you will discover that you have a whole bunch of weapons and objects. In addition, at the foot of the shrub, you will also have some mushrooms to gain shield. Since then, one of the techniques will surely be to grow your shrub near your usual spawn location. That way, you will be able to have quality equipment as soon as you land, which is clearly not negligible if you are aiming for the final victory.

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