Fortnite: How to get the Goat Simulator skin?

Fortnite: How to get the Goat Simulator skin?

As we know, for a few years now, Fortnite has multiplied collaborations with different licenses and recently, leakers announced one with Goat Simulator 3. In this article, we detail what it consists of and above all, how to get your hands on the Goat Simulator skin.

What is planned for this Goat Simulator collaboration?

For the moment, only one element has been formalized about this collaboration between the two licenses. Indeed, it was via a video posted on Twitter that it was indicated that a brand new Goat Simulator skin was soon to land on the Fortnite island.

In addition to this skin, there could also be challenges, but at the moment there are no signs. Indeed, if nothing has been confirmed by the developers, this is also the case leakers who have not yet found any indications of future challenges.

Therefore, for the moment, it will be necessary to be satisfied with a skin. This is then offered to all players who have already or who will pre-order Goat Simulator on the Epic Game Store by the game’s release. You will then be able to receive this skin directly on your in-game account.

A Goat Simulator skin that will arrive in the store

Unfortunately, there will therefore be no way to recover this Goat Simulator skin on Fortnite for free. But maybe you want to get your hands on it, without necessarily having to buy the game. Well, it’s totally possible.

In fact, you just have to be a little more patient. This Goat Simulator skin will indeed land on the Fortnite store. It will be next November 27, at two o’clock in the morning like every update. However, it is unknown how long this skin will remain available, although it may be at least 3 days.

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