The expected month of October will be available on Xbox Series, A Plague Tale Requiem. After its first installment became a revelation, the long-awaited sequel is one of those games that thousands of players have marked on the calendar. The game will also make its debut on Xbox and also on Xbox Game Pass, so you don’t have too many excuses not to try it out next month.

The first installment was released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and although these two platforms were the pioneers in its launch, neither of them will receive the second part. Asobo Studio wanted to explain to fans what led them to leave these consoles out of launch.

A Plague Tale Requiem does not come out on Xbox One or PS4

We decided to develop A Plague Tale Requiem on PlayStation 5 to completely free ourselves from the limitations of the old generation and take full advantage of the features offered by the new one. Take, for example, the loading time: it is reduced to such an extent that it is possible to design new maps and levels. The more memory, we get a greater viewing distance, which allows you to see much further. In practice, the horizons are expanded and the result is a much more open environment than the one introduced in the first game.

Rats are a fundamental feature of A Plague Tale and for this second game we wanted to maximize the possibilities of the new generation to take the horror and trauma induced by mice to a higher level. The screen has been multiplied by 60, going from 5,000 to 300,000. It’s a good number to convey the vision of the apocalypse that continues to oppress our heroes more and more.

As you can read in the quote above, the decision was made due to the technical limitations of the previous consoles, so with that pretext, they made the decision to only release the game on the new consoles.

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