Final Fantasy VII Remake: Nostalgia is not enough according to the producer

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Nostalgia is not enough according to the producer

Final Fantasy 7 Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase says narrative changes are needed to keep players engaged.


Final Fantasy VII Remakein hindsight, it really could have gone in a completely different direction. Recreating a game as iconic as Final Fantasy VII was a challenge. Fortunately, Square Enix delivered a masterpiece. Fans enjoyed the mythical dance scene at the Honey Bee Inn. However, as anyone who has completed this work suspects that the changes made could have major ramifications for the next chapter in the story: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth..

In an interview with VG247, the producer, Yoshinori Kitase, explained why it was decided to deviate from the original script, memory :

“We approached the FFVII Remake project with the goal of making it something that fans of the original game and people who weren’t familiar with it could enjoy.”

Cloud, Barrett, Aerith, Tifa and Red XIII are already there. Vincent, Joel and Cait Sith have disappeared.

Nostalgia has its limits, even for FF VII

But it’s harder to design a game for someone who knows what’s going to happen next, and the nostalgia has limited powerAs Yoshinori Kitase explained:

“I’ve also had experiences where a game I loved and had a lot of fun with in the past got revamped, and I bought it and played it due to overwhelming nostalgia. is good for a while, but the fun of that nostalgia only really lasts for the first few plays.”

is this kind of disappointment that the producer wanted to avoid at all costs. Therefore, he decided that Final Fantasy VII Remake wouldn’t just appeal to nostalgia. It would also include a new story so that the title combines nostalgia and freshness.

FFVII Remake Revival

In FFVII Rebirth, Cloud and Sephiroth walk together.

Continuity Changes

He confirms that this philosophy will continue in the next two chapters of the planned trilogy of games. Players should expect the unexpected, he said. Yoshinori Kitase believes that the result [des changements] it is such that in parts 2 and 3, fans will be able to wonder which parts will be 100% faithful to the original and which are new.

The teams behind the new version you have to consider the legacy of a beloved franchise. They are aware of this fact. Fans have loved this game for over 20 years. Kitase wants to make a Final Fantasy VII remake a title that will remain loved for 100 years. The launch of FFinal Fantasy VII Revival It is scheduled for winter 2023.


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