FIFA and EA fight but reunite FIFA 23

FIFA and EA fight but reunite FIFA 23

Starting in 2023, EA wants to create the new "EA Sports FC", but before that there will be FIFA 23, in cooperation with FIFA. What can players expect?
Starting in 2023, EA wants to create the new "EA Sports FC", but before that there will be FIFA 23, in cooperation with FIFA. What can players expect?

Here’s the situation: In the last few days, it was officially announced that EA Sports and FIFA (ie the world football association) would be parting ways. However, this will only apply from 2023, in the summer of which EA Sports will provide more information on what the new “EA Sports FC” should look like. At the same time, FIFA wants to release its own game, which it says should be the “only authentic, real, best game” (via

But with it all just starting next year, there’s the strange situation that FIFA and EA Sports are now offering another game under the old scheme a year early, even though it’s already clear they want to continue the game without the other one after that.

What kind of game is this supposed to be despite the breakup?

What do we already know about FIFA 23?

It is officially clear so far: First of all, it is certain that another FIFA 23 will come this year, which will correspond to the well-known model. Therefore, it can also be assumed that the usual release window in the fall will be maintained, although this has not yet been officially confirmed.

There’s relatively little information specific to FIFA 23 so far, but you can at least glean a bit of EA and FIFA’s statements about the split.

EA’s Cam Weber spoke briefly about FIFA 23 in his statement, saying that it will be “our biggest game yet with our current naming rights partner FIFA. […] We will make sure the next FIFA is our best game yet, with more features, game modes, World Cup content, clubs, leagues, competitions and players than any other title.

To most, that sounds like “more than we already know,” but that’s no surprise, you know that from the FIFA series.

Weber also explained that the following familiar FIFA features will reappear in ‘EA Sports FC’:

  • ultimate team
  • career mode
  • professional clubs
  • Soccer VOLTA

It can also be assumed that these items will reappear in FIFA 23 and will be expanded; it will not stop in either mode.

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What is striking about Weber’s statement is the “WM content” theme. This is also reflected in FIFA’s statement: “In addition, FIFA has agreed a short-term contract extension with existing publisher EA SPORTS to launch the 23-match version of the FIFA game this year, in which male and female players world women’s championships will be held for the first time come together in a single match,” he said (via

As a result, it would be conceivable that the World Cup in FIFA 23 could feature prominently. It could also influence the fact that this year’s World Cup will be played in winter and not summer. This falls exactly in the period when FIFA titles tend to attract the most attention, i.e. shortly after their release.

So it would make sense to focus on that. At the same time, FIFA announced other World Cup-themed games, but without the involvement of EA Sports. So it’s unclear how much FIFA will invest in these projects, and what EA Sports will ultimately be allowed to do in FIFA 23.

The danger of a transition title

And the other news? In its statement, EA Sports speaks of “new opportunities to innovate, create and grow”, but in relation to EA Sports FC. Meanwhile, the wishes of the fans that will actually be implemented in FIFA 23 are open. It’s conceivable that crossplay will play a role, after all the testing is already underway.

But otherwise? It means to wait.

Because the current situation is a bit like the classic football dilemma when an important player leaves the club. You already know in February that the best striker could play for the competition this summer, but he just has to stick around until the new season and deliver the best he can. However, for EA Sports and FIFA, this period is longer than one year.

Now, there are, at least in simplified terms, two possibilities:

  • Option A: The striker and the club unite and systematically finish the season. The striker scores goals, the club wins, the crowd is happy and in the end we go our separate ways.
  • Or option B: you drop, the attacker sits on the bench and reserves for the new club, while the old one is unhappy because he continues to pay and does not receive any benefit. The fans are angry at both of them and the mood is bad.

The direction in which EA Sports and FIFA are headed is likely to be revealed in the coming weeks and months. Because usually the marketing machine for the next FIFA game is always released in the summer. As a result, the first impressions of FIFA 23 will not be long in coming.

We will then see if FIFA 23 will be just a transitional title, or if the new game may feature some interesting innovations.

Before that happens, FIFA 22 enters its “season finale”. The Bundesliga team of the season has just appeared there.

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