According to what emerged in the last few hours on the net and with the arrival of the first reviews, FIFA 23 has been positively received by international critics who wanted to give very high marks on some occasions to the new chapter of the well-known football series. Without further ado and burdening everything with long rants, we leave you to the votes of some newspapers.

Here are some votes for FIFA 23 from international critics

  • – 7,8
  • GamersRD – 9,4
  • MGG – 8.5
  • TrueGaming – 8,5
  • Guardian – 8
  • GamesRadar+ – 8
  • Telegraph – 8
  • Hardcore Gamer – 8
  • Dexerto – 8
  • VGC – 8
  • GameStar – 7,8
  • Gfinity – 7
  • TheGamer – 7

A little ‘all the reviews have praised the same aspects of the title: the improvements to the gameplay, the FUT mode and the technical sector in general, even if in reality there are no big news compared to its predecessor. In this sense, this decision was to be expected on the part of EA. In fact, we remind you that from next year FIFA will change its name and become EA Sports FC so let’s imagine that the developers wanted to keep the massive changes for next year, when a new life cycle begins for one of the most famous football simulators in the world.

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