FIFA 21: Banned Pro Gamer Makes Serious Allegations Against EA

FIFA 21: Banned Pro Gamer Makes Serious Allegations Against EA

After around twelve months in which the FIFA player Kurt Fenech was not allowed to play, he now spoke up about his ban.

FIFA Pro Gamer claims EA is to blame for the toxic community

Fenech was banned because he was often very abusive in his streams to FIFA. He even spat on the EA logo in a live stream, as if on Twitter you can see. Electronic Arts told him that he had created a toxic community and that it was against the company’s guidelines.

However, the player said that nothing has changed since his suspension. On the contrary, Kurt Fenech believes that the football game community has become even more toxic. He even declares that he knows exactly why, namely EA itself.

Kurt Fenech is not only disappointed that he has received this severe ban from EA, but also that he does not think it is justified. He says that despite his abusive manner, he made the audience happy at the end of the day. He also says in the video that EA should simply develop a better game, then that would be fine with the toxic community.

Whether the pro gamer will return to FIFA 21 someday, or when he will be allowed to play is not known. Since he is still very abusive towards EA, it is rather questionable that the company will lift his ban in the near future.

EA does not condone such behavior and wants to have a peaceful and civilized community. Therefore, even pro gamers are not safe from a ban if they misbehave.

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