The world of simulators is almost a microcosm in the video game industry. There are only a handful of titles that occupy the covers, and the fact that often the equipment to enjoy the most reliable experience is extremely expensive makes it a niche product that many want access to, but few want. allow. Therefore, when you see an offer of this type, and what’s more from a quality brand, you can’t let it pass.

And it is that Fanatec presented a pack to make immersive sim racing accessible to as many players as possible including pedals, steering wheel and wheelbase. With a focus on the direct-drive feel for everyone, the company introduces the Pack CSL DD Race Ready P1, which includes the CSL DD wheelbase, CSL P1 V2 steering wheel (the same steering wheel our partner David used to tour Mexico in Forza Horizon 5), and CSL pedals. With these three parts, you can now enjoy driving simulation at the highest level, and it’s a good start for later adding new peripherals such as the handbrake or the gear lever.

The complete pack is available on the official website by €499.99 in an offer that has not been matched to date. If you’re thinking of changing teams or just starting to ride simulators, this is an offer you can’t refuse.

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