This week, the study ROCKFISH Games confirmed that EVERSPACE 2 has already exceeded the number of 300,000 copies sold when it comes out on PC. A figure that may not seem impressive, but for a AA independent study that’s perhaps more than enough to top its best predictions and call it a “stratospheric commercial success.” This is in addition to the fact of the good reviews they have received from critics and audiences.

The release of the game has Financial objectives largely exceeded by ROCKFISH Games. EVERSPACE 2 sold twice as many copies and made 3.5 times more profit than the first title in the series in the launch week alone. And it doesn’t look like sales will suffer with the game releasing on Xbox Game Pass for PC in preview. The number of pilots who sat at the controls of the ship during the launch of this sequel was multiplied by seven compared to its predecessor: nearly 10,000 simultaneous players, a record.

“This was a fabulous release for Rockfish Games – the biggest to date. The team left their horns behind and now we’re reaping the rewards for all the work well done over the past five years (or more). We have achieved our business goals in terms of product visibility, downloads and net profit,” says Michael Schade, CEO of ROCKFISH Games. “The most gratifying thing is to see that our community and the media fans are delighted with what we have presented to them. A bright future awaits us as a studio and Everspace as a franchise. We have many projects. I look forward to sharing the work we have done. For one thing, the first free update will be released later this year, and then the expansion will come in the second half of 2024.”

Interest in EVERSPACE 2 is not limited to launch week sales. ROCKFISH Games has already joined over 100,000 wishlists and the demo has been downloaded 50,000 times on Steam in the week of its release alone.

“It is clear that we have lovers of space themed games waiting for us and will be aware of updates and upcoming sales. The demo played a key role in the success of our journey from announcement to launch. Since the demo was released on Steam, the game has been downloaded over 350,000 times, with an activation rate of 70%. These overwhelming numbers demonstrate the interest of space fans around the world in playing EVERSPACE 2 in first person,” says Schade. “The demo will continue to be available at short notice. We want pilots to have the opportunity to explore the first space sector first-hand so they can buy the game knowingly.”

The launch of the Xbox Series X consoles | S and PlayStation 5 will take place this summer, also with a deluxe edition in physical format published by Maximum Games. But ROCKFISH Games is already working on the first major free updatewho should come out Later this year. What does the update bring? New ship customization options, legendary gear, high-tier vehicles, and French and Japanese voice acting. Development has also begun on a major expansion for EVERSPACE 2 slated for mid-2024, featuring more scenarios, more star systems to explore, more drops, and expanded gameplay.

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