ESO Deadlands: DLC brings more for story fans and free quests for everyone

ESO Deadlands: DLC brings more for story fans and free quests for everyone

The year of Oblivion in The Elder Scrolls Online continues! The big story DLC Deadlands takes you into the dead lands and lets you compete in the final battle against Mehrunes Dagon. In the Bethesda Stream were now further details and the release date revealed. You can also play the free prologue right now.

We summarize what awaits you in ESO in 2021.

That’s in the new story DLC

The Deadlands story concludes the year-round adventure, The Gates of Oblivion. You enter the portal into the eponymous lands of the dead to stop the Prince of Destruction Mehrunes Dagon and to close the gates to his realm again.

There will be new locations – including well-known locations from The Elder Scrolls 4 – new characters and, above all, a series of story quests. After completing the main Blackwood and Deadlands series, players will also unlock a bonus quest line that the developers call the highlight of the Oblivion story.

When does ESO Deadlands come out? The DLC will be released on November 1, 2021 on PC. The console version for Xbox and PlayStation will follow on November 16, 2021. You can catch a first look in the teaser:

So you already play the beginning of Deadlands for free

Like all major DLCs, Deadlands again has a free prologue quest for everyone on offer, which you can play from now on.

How do you get the free quest? As usual, the prologue “An Apocalyptic Situation” is in the in-game crown shop. There you can download them for free – even without owning previous DLCs. Then you will be called to help by the Dremora Lyranth to investigate the Order of the Awakening Flame. The reward is a unique mask that you can only unlock in this quest.

Blackwood is currently available at half price: If you haven’t played the previous add-on Blackwood, then you can currently dust off the chapter with a 50 percent discount. The promotion runs until October 11th on Steam, the ESO Store and on PlayStation and Xbox. You can find out whether the add-on is worthwhile for you in our test.

The new ESO story content for 2021 ends with Deadlands. At the same time, the free Update 23 will also appear, which among other things should drastically improve the loot system by only looting set items that are still missing from your collection.

This should make the grind of sets much more pleasant. In the new year, a new adventure and a new area are in focus.

Are you going to try the free prologue? Which area do you wish for as a new annual adventure in ESO? Tell us in the comments!

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