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Epic Games Store: Huge Interest in the New Free Game

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Another PC game has been available for free via the Epic Games Store since last Thursday: The download platform is currently giving away the full version of Star Wars Battlefront 2 in the Celebration Edition. The rush for the free Star Wars shooter seems to have been so huge that the servers were temporarily down or only accessible to a limited extent. Players reported the error codes 623, 721 and 918. Sometimes neither game access nor logins were possible, the server capacities reached their limits.

Shortly after the release, Electronic Arts announced via the short message service Twitter that it wanted to increase the server capacities for Star Wars Battlefront 2. At the weekend, the publisher added that he had fixed the problems. Since then it should be possible to re-establish most of the connections. Occasionally, login difficulties and server timeouts still seem to occur – for example when playing co-op games with friends. How many new and returning players Star Wars Battlefront 2 recently welcomed is unknown.

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Epic Games Store calls the free game for the next week

The Epic Games Store announces the next free game. In the article you will find out what to expect next Thursday. Epic Games Store: New Free Game Starting Today - Free Full Version For All

Epic Games Store: New free game starting today – free full version for everyone

The Epic Games Store is releasing the next free game as a download. Today the next full version is available free of charge.

The full version of Star Wars Battlefront 2 is available for free through January 21st from the Epic Games Store. If you link the first person shooter to your profile by then, you can play and keep it permanently. From January 21st, another free game can be picked up via the download platform: On Thursday, Galactic Civilizations 3 will appear for free in the Epic Games Store.

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