Enderal: Biggest Skyrim Mod gets even better thanks to SE

Enderal: Biggest Skyrim Mod gets even better thanks to SE

Enderal will be even better in 2021: The Total Conversion Enderal development team for Skyrim announced that they will no longer update their project. Now there are some fans who do exactly that. Not only have they made compatibility with the Skyrim Special Edition, but they are also bringing this version to Steam as a standalone.

What’s better in the SE version?

The Special Edition of Skyrim is not only a bundle with all DLCs, but also brings some technical improvements with it. There is, for example, a new render engine and improved lighting effects, image quality, performance and stability. Enderal: Forgotten Stories (Special Edition) will benefit from all of these elements.

How to play the SE version: The version was uploaded to Nexusmods on Feb 1, 2021 and can already be played with it. However, the installation of this mod is quite cumbersome. Because you not only have to install other mods beforehand, but also convert scripts and correctly set the loading order. You can find the extensive instructions on the linked project page.

The easy way: If your head is smoking just thinking about it, then you can just wait a bit. Because in March Enderal: Special Edition will appear as a standalone version on Steam. For them, Skyrim: SE doesn’t even have to be installed (you have to have it though). Then you download the exception mod with a simple click, like any other game on Steam.

Also playable in VR: Thanks to the port for the Skyrim Special Edition, another one has also appeared – Enderal now also works in Skyrim VR. However, it still suffers from a few bugs, which we hope can be fixed in the future.

What exactly makes Enderal special?

Enderal uses Skyrim as a basis, but turns it into an extensive game with a completely separate world, story, classes, romances and so on. The total conversion even offers a DLC ‘Forgotten Stories’ – that alone brings another 10-15 hours of game time. You don’t have to pay anything for Enderal. Since the exceptional project was so successful that it can keep up with commercial games.

The total conversion is not the first game of the SureAI team. Before that, they put together a similarly extensive work for Oblivion. This is called Nehrim and is the direct predecessor of Enderal. And that’s also been available on Steam since 2020.

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