Will the wish of many players finally come true? This is implicit in the updated text on the Elden Ring Steam page.

FromSoftware usually brings an extra DLC or two to their games. Each DLC is made up of a main story, many new bosses, new areas, and sometimes even new quests. FromSoftware extra content is no joke and they turn out to be very comprehensive. With the success of Elden Ring, fans of the title were hoping to see a new DLC for Game of the Year.

But lo and behold, a simple PvP DLC has arrived, although it is relevant to Bloodfinger shardless. However, players want more! There are still many unsolved mysteries, especially that of Miquella. Therefore, players want to have a sequel to continue delving into the intricate and intriguing lore of the underworld.

Is there new DLC coming for Elden Ring?

This dream could well come true, even if nothing is certain. In effect, Hacksaws I noticed that the Elden Ring Steam page has changed. The changes come in the form of packages, as additional paid or downloadable content. This isn’t the first time this has happened, but each change has resulted in more content being added. The first change was made when launching the game and the second when adding the Colosseum. FromSoftware is not very cosmetic, which makes it almost impossible to see a skin pack appear in the store. Thus, everything indicates that an important update will arrive at Elden Ring.

Recently downloaded packages lead to private Steam store pages. So there is an eel under the rock. If a DLC were to emerge, FromSoftware should not delay in communicating it. HE The youngest of FromSoftware will soon blow out his first candle, so the announcement of a DLC is conducive to this event. This year again Elden Ring could shine againdespite a year as ostentatious as the exalted flame of the Three Fingers.

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