Elden Ring has only been out for two weeks, and yet players have uncovered a lot of secrets. Be it hidden dungeons, weapons or unconventional approaches to boss fights. One of the first creative methods for PvP combat has now joined the list.

We have already put together a whole series of valuable tips for you. Do you want to know where you can find the precious forging stones and what you have to do first to unlock the feature? Our guide will help you further.

A different kind of invasion

Reddit user xdc_lis found an extremely effective way to make life difficult for intruders. Instead of fighting a heroic fight, he’d rather have himself for a round Hide decided.

How did he do it? Even before that he must have farmed the complete armor set of the first knights of Limgrave. At the place of grace Church of Elleh the player then lured the patrolling knight into the bushes along the way to kill him without further ado. Thus, the knight’s corpse was well hidden and the trap was set.

After that, all he had to do was take the Crookedfinger Medicine to open up his game for multiplayer. To speed things up, the player activates the mocker’s tongue. Once the notification pops up, he’ll set off on the path and follow the same route as the knight you killed earlier. He skilfully imitates the AI, which is why you can even watch the intruder run right past him.

With the crooked finger medicine you not only summon allies, but also open the game for hostile allies.

With the mocker’s tongue you accelerate the intrusion of foreign players. Once activated, you will be prioritized as a target by the game.

The trick pays off the end: The method is not only cleverly creative, but also worthwhile. Because as soon as an invader has had enough and withdraws from your game, this is also counted as a win for you. This player was rewarded with a crooked finger medicine and a total of 38,000 runes. However, these always depend on the number of runes that the intruder has on their account.

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Have you also been mugged or do you belong more to the faction that makes life difficult for others? Tell us your best approach in the comments!

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