‘Elden Ring’ is still the goal of speedrunners and the new world record is to finish it in just 14 minutes

‘Elden Ring’ is still the goal of speedrunners and the new world record is to finish it in just 14 minutes

Distortion2 is a speedrunner who has broken records in the ‘Elden Ring’ community, being the first to complete a speedrun less than one hour of play. However, his current mark is 14 minutes and 8 seconds , despite the patches that Fromsoftware has been uploading to the game to balance it and avoid this type of action.

The way he managed to complete his best in ‘Elden Ring‘ was through MEGA zips . These glitches cause that for a short time, certain frames of the game allow you to teleport around the map avoiding boss battles and thus reach other areas of the map with which you can repeat the process, without having to eliminate all these fearsome enemies.

Using this technique, Distortion2 only needed to deal with Maliketh and the Elden Beast , which you can “kill” if you get far enough away from it using these zips . In the description of the video where he introduced the 14-minute run , he wrote that: “The New Route is terribly fast. Unfortunately I still suck using the new ‘MEGA zip’, I’ll have a better mark soon! Enjoy the game!”

This streamer has been characterized by overcoming games in record times in various modalities, from indies like ‘Hollow Knight’ to classics like ‘Bioshock’ or ‘Dark Souls 3’, in the latter two he held the world record for a few months, for which could still surprise with an even faster game.

Disaster2’s previous best time was 17 minutes 43 seconds, his rate of improvement has been brutal with every speedrun he posts, and in this case he had a 20 percent improvement in speed.

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