Having problems with the PC version of Elden Ring? In this note we compile the best solutions for some of the most common bugs

Elden Ring is already among us: the new and renewed soulsborne of From Software is capable of ensnaring anyone who dares to cross the Midlands, although in his version of PC may have some technical issues. But do not worry! In this note we tell you how to fix some of the most well-known bugs.

Elden Ring: All PC Bugs and How to Fix Them

Frame drops, freezes, crashes on startup, or controller compatibility issues: Elden Ring may be a great video game, but the version of PC has a lot of issues that could cause players frustration (even more so than fighting one of its depowered bosses). Here are all the possible solutions.

  • Frame drops: even if you have one PC that meets the recommended requirements, there is a possibility that Elden Ring present frame drops in moments of exploration or boss fights. The solution is to lower the graphics settings, update the drivers of your devices and activate the performance mode in Windows (Settings> System> Display> Graphics Settings).
  • Shuttering: the shuttering is a glitch that causes the screen to “hang” for a few seconds, and will most likely happen in a boss fight. To avoid this, you will have to lower your graphics settings.
  • Crash when starting the game: yes you opened Elden Ring and got the message “Failed to initialize game launcher”, we recommend that you restart Steam, verify file integrity, or ultimately restart your PC to repair the problem.

  • Lock on desktop: If the game stuck on your desktop after launching it, you will need to turn off the desktop overlay. Steam on Elden Ring or restart your PC.
  • Black/white screen: In case you have started the game and a black or white screen appears, you will need to restart Steamverify the integration of the files or restart your PC to solve the problem.
  • Can’t open the settings menu: Sometimes the settings menu of Elden Ring does not open. You will have to force a quit from Task Manager to start it again.
  • Not compatible with Xbox, PlayStation or other controls: play Elden Ring with control in PC can also have problems, and its solution comes with a restart of the game or the PC. It is also possible to solve it by reinstalling the complete video game or, in any case, activating Steam Input in the platform properties tab.
  • Games are not saved: if you cannot save your games in Elden Ring, try exiting to the game menu and selecting a save from that option.
  • Can’t log in or invite players to the game: These problems are usually normal in the first days of launch. They are solved with a restart of the game or with a stabilization of the servers by From Software.

We remind you that Bandai Namco confirmed that it will release a patch to fix as many problems as possible in the version of PC: The company asks players for “patience”.

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