Elden Ring: He’s already level 144 and even though Malenia killed him 300 times

Elden Ring: He’s already level 144 and even though Malenia killed him 300 times

a player of elderberry ring What is level 144 died in Malenia more than 300 timeswhich can be extremely frustrating or motivating, depending on the player’s state of mind.

The match against Malenia at Elden Ring is extremely difficult and can be a giving up point for many players who are unable to beat him. However, many players have conquered this battle and are still willing to share their loadouts and strategies.

Widely regarded as one of the toughest boss battles in Elden Ring, Malenia can prove to be an almost insurmountable task for many players, especially those unfamiliar with FromSoftware’s games and their combat mechanics.

Simply learning to dodge Malenia’s Dance of the Waterfowl move in Elden Ring can take players countless hours of practice and die to the boss dozens of times to master it.

Redditor HuzursuzlugaGerekYok posted that despite using the same build as famous Elden Ring player Let Me Solo Her and being level 144, he died 300 times in Malenia. The position, however, does not come from a place of helplessness or frustration.

On the contrary, HuzursuzlugaGerekYok says, “Dying 300 times for her doesn’t even make me feel bad anymore. I finally started enjoying the fight after reaching Stage 2 consistently.” He even says that he doesn’t use any summons or spells, specifically that he doesn’t take the “easy” route of using Mimic Tear.

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