Elden Ring, here’s how to pause the game

Elden Ring, Here’s How to Pause the Game

Here is the little trick to pause the game

You can pause the game in Elden Ring? How do you pause and take a break? Elden Ring is similar to the other action RPGs of From Software, where pausing the game is just not possible. However, in this game, it is possible to pause with a simple trick. As part of our guide on Elden Ring we will show you how to pause the game and keep your character safe from harm.

Elden Ring it’s so vast and time-consuming that you’ll probably want a break at some point. The game does not have a typical pause function; if you spend time in menus, looking at your inventory or rearranging your equipment, the action around you continues, and can cause an untimely death or two if don’t be careful.

However, as discovered by Iron Pineapple, there is actually a way to freeze the action and pause the game.

Here are the steps needed to “pause” Elden Ring.
At any time during the game, press Options and then select Inventory.
On the Inventory screen, press the Touch Pad to open the Guide. This brings up a dialog box with some options.
From the screen of the Guide, select the option Explanation of the menu.

As long as you have the above screen, the game world will be paused. You can use this pause to catch your breath or take care of something outside of the game before returning to it. Just be aware that as soon as you hit it Options to leave the screen of Explanation menu, the world will return to its normal state.

Our Elden Ring Review

“Elden Ring is an amazing video game. The journey into the Interregnum is one of the best experiences the entire medium has ever seen, characterized by a great vastness and an even greater desire to explore up to the last corner of the game world. The amount of things to do is substantial enough to put your hands in your hair and then bring them back to the pad and see more and more. The combat system that made From Software deserving of its fame, is further redefined, presenting alternatives for every type of player, and although the difficulty is at the highest levels, there is no shortage of ideas for those who do not want to lose patience against a boss.“

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