The current world record for sprinting at the Elden Ring stands at five minutes and 58 seconds. This record, held by speedrunner seekerTV, is only possible thanks to a generous helping of exploits and bugs that allow players to skip over large swaths of what is nominally a 100-hour game.

Watching Tarnished pass by at lightning speed must seem rather strange from the perspective of the Elden Ring NPCs, a thought shown in Jonkari P’s hilarious fan video.

The video begins with the Limbgrave soldiers looking at the new samurai player, who simply draws his sword and crouches. Then, just as the soldiers seem ready to pounce on this poor unsuspecting player, the samurai vanishes in a blur.


A few seconds later, the Samurai reappear in Leyndell, where Hoarah Loux looks up to see them descend from the sky like a meteor. The game ends in a cataclysmic explosion. Credit roll.

Jonkari P admits that watching Distortion2’s speedruns inspired them to make the video. Distortion2 held the world speed record for a time before seekerTV’s sub-six-second race. He taught many of us about the Elden Ring zip bug, an exploit that allows players to teleport huge distances and reach areas of the game they normally wouldn’t be able to. A few overlooked bosses here, a run through Blue Crumbing there, and anyone can reach the final boss by the time most players reach the gates of Castle Stormveil.

In less fun Elden Ring news, players have started to take a critical look at Elden Ring, sharing their biggest complaints on Reddit. Easily the biggest is the pop-up message that informs players of keys being used, doors being opened far away, or new items being picked up. Those messages should really go away on their own, and the fact that the player has to press a button to acknowledge the message and make it go away often leads to Tarnished’s death.

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