Elden Ring, created a guide for each class based on equipment and levels

Elden Ring, created a guide for each class based on equipment and levels

Here is the guide posted on Reddit by a fan

If you are about to start a New Game Plus in Elden Ring or you are playing a game Souls-Borne for the first time, this equipment guide will certainly be useful to you. Elden Ring is definitely a masterpiece for most of the fans of the Souls-Borne but it might be a somewhat confusing experience for those who haven’t played the titles of Hidetaka Miyazaki until now.

The game itself tries to explain most of the items and mechanics, but it’s next to impossible for newcomers to learn everything in the beginning unless they have some help. While exploring and learning the world of Elden Ring it’s extremely enjoyable, if you’re concerned about your character building and class, and don’t have time to play multiple times, then a class-based guide to weapons and equipment could help you a lot.

A complete level-based gear guide for every character class

Recently, a user of Reddit, Leesinmain1992 shared a post on the subreddit Elden Ring revealing his detailed guide to the suggested equipment for each character class of Elden Ring in certain levels.

With this amazing guide, you can pretty much expect what you will become in the game with each character class, and if you’ve already chosen your class, this guide will help you create the best and strongest build possible.

Il Creator has listed every necessary equipment, come on talismani at weapons at armature and at Crystal Tears that you need to have to get the most out of your class’s potential. Also, if you are attempting a second run, you can look through these guides and find the build and the most interesting class for you.

The builds weren’t exempt from criticism, however, as one of the comments in the thread shows:

“There are no practical builds or builds that I would recommend for beginners. They all look good on paper, but have you tested them in practicality against bosses or in pvp? I can already tell you that 30-40 strength is not enough. Talismans and other stat distributions are also so questionable. But regardless, I really like the choice of armor and weapons and the general idea. I wish the game really allowed such flexibility when it comes to just fun and role-playing. I mean, not that you can’t do it now, but you suffer from playing. There needs to be a lot more optimization in general to make this playable. “

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