Elden Ring: A funny insect traps a gigantic dragon in a building

Elden Ring: A funny insect traps a gigantic dragon in a building

And dragon is in a place where it does not belong when a player elderberry ring he is saved by a random bug that traps the huge beast inside a building.

Elden Ring has a vast, sprawling world where anything can happen at any time, even enemies get trapped in places they don’t belong.

The town of Leyndell is one of the largest enclosed areas in the Elden Ring, so much so that it contains several smaller dungeons, one of which is a special dungeon that can lead to one of the toughest bosses. difficult, Mohg.

The city itself is full of knights, creepers, and wanderers, but there are no dragons except for the dead one in the center.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for reddit user SykoManiax, who posted a video to r/EldenRing showing him encountering the Elder Dragon boss Lansseax in the town of Leyndell and getting trapped in a building.

Many believe the player is using an Elden Ring “randomizer”, a mod that randomizes where enemies spawn, which makes sense since this particular boss has no place in Leyndell.

This is evident from the fact that in the video he manages to get stuck in one of the buildings. Also, later in the video, you can see there are puppet soldiers, another enemy that doesn’t usually appear in Leyndell.

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