Ebay takes action against PS5 and Xbox Series X fraudsters

Ebay takes action against PS5 and Xbox Series X fraudsters

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PlayStation 5 und Xbox Series X/S

The PS5 and Xbox Series X / S launches could go down as one of the most chaotic launches in history. Even so, both PlayStation and Xbox have had the biggest launches in their history.

The fact that not enough consoles are being produced is only part of the problem. The scarcity of next-gen consoles is also fueled by scammers and scalpers.


One group claimed that they bought thousands of consoles before the other customers and resold them at inflated prices. While this particular group of scalpers use bots and software to get an advantage.

Some scammers even went so far as to sell empty boxes on Ebay. Some empty PS5 boxes have already been sold for more than 1,000 euros. Although Ebay claims none of these misleading offers have been paid for, the company has promised to take more action against the scammers.


“We have taken steps to remove fraudulent offers from our marketplace,” said Ebay. According to the website’s “No Items Listing Policy”, this includes empty boxes and photos of a product. This means that even if the seller stated in the description that the item for sale is only empty packaging, the sale may still be reversible.

Ebay adds that buyers should still use extreme caution when purchasing a next-gen console from their side, especially at this point in time. The goal of sellers is to trick a desperate buyer, or perhaps even an ignorant parent, into mistakenly paying too much for a box that once contained the item they wanted.

We can only advise you to be careful because scammers and scalpers have already made millions of dollars since the consoles hit the market two months ago.

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