DualSense Controller Issue: Class Action Lawsuit against Sony

DualSense Controller Issue: Class Action Lawsuit against Sony


As we reported a long time ago, it seemed that the PS5’s new DualSense controller was already suffering from drift. Due to the early issue, a class action lawsuit is to be filed against Sony. Similar to the DualSense controller, Nintendo also received lawsuits against the Nintendo Joy-Cons.

What was initially suspected as isolated cases now appears to occur in the masses. This is now leading to law firms also taking action. Just a few months after the market launch, the law firm “Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP” filed a lawsuit against Sony precisely because of this problem. The firm recently set up a page to collect experiences from PS5 users who have this problem with their controllers.

The legal group has also filed a lawsuit for the aforementioned Nintendo Switch drift issue. The Joy-Con Drift lawsuits have had some success, so there is a chance of similar success with a DualSense lawsuit.

Class action lawsuit against Sony

The firm is filing a class action lawsuit against Sony Corporation of America, Inc. and Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. According to the court record, the lawsuit is being filed on behalf of Lmarc Turner and a group of other plaintiffs.

Another key claim is that Sony failed to provide this information to customers prior to purchase. Even more problematic is the company’s allegation that Sony knew about the drift problem during months of testing prior to its release.


There will be individual instances of breakdowns and manufacturing defects with every brand new console. However, a class action lawsuit suggests that the drift problem is much more prevalent than it could be random defects. The new DualSense of the PS5 earned a lot of positive praise before its release.

It is therefore worrying that just a few months later enough players are struggling with drift problems on a game-disrupting scale.

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