Ihe Digimon franchise has always been thrilled to have one of the most loyal communities -especially in Spain- in the world, whether there’s less or less content, they’ve always been there. However, the last few months have left them with several very interesting moments. See for example the Nintendo Switch reissue of Digimon World: Next Ordercard game news, etc.

One of the most loved elements was the anime of Digimon Ghost Game. Although it had quite a few detractors, it generated very positive reviews, as the approaching end seems like bad news to most fans. Indeed, it has been confirmed that the series is about to end.

Digimon Ghost Game anime will end with its 68th episode

Since its debut in October 2021, a total of 65 episodes have aired, although number 66 is about to arrive. So much so that it will be screened next Sunday, March 12. However, it won’t stay that way for long. As confirmed in the latest issue of Newtype magazine, a subsidiary of Kadokawa Shoten, The anime will only have three episodes left.

In effect, Digimon Ghost Game will end in its Chapter 68, which will arrive on March 26. It’s a bit logical if we look at the current state of the series, since this saga had already given several indications that it could be so, but it is still a small setback for its viewers.

Either way, it seems unlikely – if not impossible – that this will be the last we hear of a Digimon anime, since it constantly renews itself with new protagonists and adventures… Or reclaim nostalgia-laden “old glories” through remakes, reinterpretations, and more. of the first seasons.

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