After having dispelled the doubts about the launch date of Diablo Immortal appeared on the Apple Store , Blizzard Entertainment allows us to take a new look at the Diablo 4 settings with a new gameplay video .

Diablo 4 NEW Environmental Gameplay Showcase

It is essentially an exploratory movie, devoid of combat scenes, which takes us to the discovery of three regions that we will be able to cross during the adventure: Scosglen Coast, Orbei Monastery, and Kyovoshad.

The coast of Scosglen is made up of several settlements positioned on top of the cliffs. As a vain attempt to withstand the harsh weather, the inhabitants of this area have built several houses with whatever material is in the area: stone, wood and straw, for the most part. A place of consolation for the brave fishermen who sail these treacherous seas.

Like many of the Sanctuary buildings, the Orbei Monastery is also in a state of neglect. The team’s goal is to visually communicate that although this place is in the early stages of its decay, it was once an important learning base for the monks of Zakarum. Zakarum’s architecture is more distinct and refined, and its structures are adorned with ornate details and often accompanied by elaborate statues.

The video shows the southern end of Kyovoshad , which includes the simplest of shelters for helpless people. Some cling to the city walls overhanging the glacial flow below. The area will be densely populated with housing typical of urban slums.

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