Diablo 2: Modders hold large PvP tournaments with prize money

Diablo 2: Modders hold large PvP tournaments with prize money

Are you still looking for something to do for the weekend? How about a Battle Royale tournament in Diablo 2 where you can win $ 100 in prize money? The mod team behind Project Diablo 2 starts a large PvP tournament on Friday night – and registrations are currently open.

This is how the Battle Royale tournament works in Diablo 2

The principle is easy to explain: 35 players are thrown onto a map, are allowed to loot for their life for two minutes and then attack each other until only one is standing. There will be 100 dollars in prize money, paid out as an Amazon voucher. Registration for the event runs via arena.gl and is free of charge.

But to make the whole thing a little more exciting, there are a number of rules and prohibitions. In the event of violations, participants can be disqualified by the organizers.

These are the rules:

  • Everyone starts with a bare level 30 character from one of the classes. You cannot play a class a second time.
  • Each player receives a pair of 40 percent faster running / walking boots, a die, five keys, three Larzuk’s puzzle boxes and ten shards of the World Stone.
  • At the beginning, a two-minute loot phase starts in which you loot as many chests as possible.
  • Any potions found can be used.
  • At the beginning of the match, a final list of all prohibited skills is announced, for example lightning trap, fire trap or hydra are banned.

That’s behind Project Diablo 2

The tournament is part of Project Diablo 2, a fan project that gives the classic action role-playing game a complete rework and service content such as Seasons. The mod is completely free, you just have to own the original game and the addon Lord of Destruction. The project is currently even more popular than some new action role-playing games – Micha talks about this in an episode of GameStar TV with one of the developers:

This is why Project Diablo 2 is more popular than current action role-playing games

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