Destiny 2: Players are demanding that a Bug be a feature

Destiny 2: Players are demanding that a Bug be a feature

Enthusiasm among the players of Destiny 2: You can suddenly tackle raids with a total of twelve players! Destiny 2 players disillusioned: it’s just a bug. The solution? Ask the developer to turn the bug into a feature!

How do you play with 12 players in a raid?

It is currently possible to enter a raid with groups of between seven and twelve players, or to tackle dungeons and nightfalls with fireteams of four to nine people. So twice as many as are normally possible.

That’s how it’s done: You have to join another with a Fireteam if the timer for the start of the respective activity is exactly 0 seconds. The easiest way to do this on the PC is to use the game’s join codes. If you’ve done everything right, both groups end up in the instance together.

The error can also be exploited on consoles, but there it is a little more difficult to get the timing right due to the lack of join codes.

A little too easy: While doing all of these activities with large groups can be fun, it also comes with a downside. Because these instances are designed for significantly fewer players, they become very easy thanks to the additional firepower.

Great popularity: The players themselves are pleased about this possibility. A post on Reddit in the sub-forum of Destiny 2 on this topic could receive around 276 upvotes. And many users also comment favorably on Twitter. A tweet from the DestinyTheMeme channel received over 1,000 likes.

Is there a fix coming?

Bungie is aware of the existence of this bug. The community manager dmg04 wrote a short post on February 27 with the content “Twelve what now” on Twitter, which clearly relates to the situation mentioned.

The current glitch should be fixed accordingly in the future. However, since the players themselves are interested in a mode for 12 people, it cannot be ruled out that Bungie will officially include something like this in a future update.

How is Destiny 2 doing otherwise?

With the release of the Beyond Light addon, we took another look at Destiny 2 at the end of 2020. We came to the conclusion that the expansion is not for everyone and is only really worthwhile for some players.

What was particularly annoying to us was that there was very little variety in the endgame and that the story campaign also got off to a tough start. But Europe is a really nice setting for the add-on and the stasis is a playfully useful addition.

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