We are having a year full of news and new releases in the video game industry and now we only have to wait for the days that remain for the “E3” of this 2022 to arrive, which already promises to have many more things to show about this new generation of consoles that has barely begun to take its first steps.

While we wait, we can continue to spend hours on games that are still being updated regularly, Destiny 2 being one of the best examples that come to mind right now and that we can enjoy on both Xbox One and the new Xbox Series X/S.

Destiny 2 fixes recent bugs

This title was released in 2017 and since then it has had a series of huge changes, especially after Bungie terminated its contract with Activision early, which caused us to see the game reach the format free to play and even reach the Xbox Game Pass service.

The business model that Destiny 2 currently carries has made updates with new content arrive more regularly, which has also caused new bugs to be generated that need to be fixed, something that has happened with the last one that was released a few years ago days, so Bungie has released a new patch to fix these new bugs. Following this link you will see the full patch notes.

  • Fixed an issue where players would spawn in an unintended location after joining the existing fireteam. You really didn’t want to be there.
  • Standard bearers are now spawning where intended.
  • Spamming the bell should no longer prevent it from working.
  • Fixed numerous texture and environment issues.
  • Fixed an issue where players on Xbox platforms could sometimes only see limited invites and join actions in the list when viewing Xbox Network friends.

It’s great to see Destiny 2 continue to update and improve over the years, and we hope that Bungie will continue to do so for many years to come, with new content and updates for regular players of the title.


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