Dead, the new Dota 2 hero, is here, along with new events and scenarios

Dead, the new Dota 2 hero, is here, along with new events and scenarios

Buckle up, Dota 2’s newest hero, Muerta, is ready to blow heads and take names. Coming to Valve’s signature MOBA on March 6th, the Spectral Gunslinger comes with a new mini-game and Day of the Dead-inspired character outfits that are must-haves for players who love the aesthetic.

And so death roams the grounds of Dota 2’s ever-changing arena, and boy does it look good doing it. Meet Muerta, the latest hero to join the game’s ever-growing roster of characters.

Described as so good at taking lives that ‘death itself put her on the payroll’, the Latino-inspired sniper ‘leads wayward souls to the other side, whether they want get there or not”. So, as you can imagine, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Dead Dota 2 Abilities

Dead is described as a ranged wielder who specializes in stun players. His abilities are below:

  • Passive – Gunslinger: Dead Man’s attacks have a chance to fire a second shot at another target, prioritizing heroes.
  • beaten down: Dead Woman fires a ghostly round at an enemy unit or tree. When the ball hits, it briefly damages and slows down, then bounces in the targeted direction. The ricochet damages all units it passes through and stops when it hits a hero. Heroes hit by the ricochet are afraid to move away from the impact.
  • The call: Summons a group of four revenants that slowly surround the selected location. Enemies in the area are slowed and have reduced attack speed. Revenants deal damage and silence enemies as they pass through them.
  • Ultimate – Pierce the Veil: Dead transforms, becoming immune to physical damage. All his attack damage is dealt as magic damage. Dead gains bonus attack damage and progressive movement. The dead can attack ethereal units but do not deal damage to magic immune targets.

Powerful, right? As I prefer to play from a distance, Muerta for me is a dream come true (or a nightmare, depending on how you look at it). The Calling is perfect for lining up enemies to spawn with Dead Shot, and I just dropped her ultimate to see her transform because that animation is awesome.

Dota 2 Dead Reckoning Event

With the arrival of Muerta comes the Dota 2 Dead Reckoning event, which will take place from March 6 to April 4.

Players will be able to participate in a new limited-time mini-game called “The Quick and The Dead”, which is a deathmatch style mode where players compete to score the most kills and assists. Whoever gets the most points (known as ‘Flores de Muerta’) wins!

You’ll also be able to use your flowers to purchase Dead Account Chests, which include all-new item sets for Anti-Mage, Dawnbreaker, Io, Lina, Medusa, Pudge, Sniper, and Viper. My favorite is Lina’s Dead Heat, which is an instant cop for boring main actors like me.

Other new features include advanced battle stats for Dota Plus members, customizable quickcast, and improved friend list. There are also a ton of buffs and nerfs, so be sure to check those out as well.

It’s also worth checking out the best Dota 2 custom games so you can try out the latest addition to the list, as well as our sister site’s list of all Dota 2 cheats and commands; after all, the most recent patch for Dota 2 has been removed. some.

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